Meditation Wrap For Hip, Knee & Low Back Support

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One of the top reasons people struggled with extended periods of meditation isthe physical discomfort. This Meditation Wrap helps you extend your sit sessions by "hugging" your legs, hips, knees and lower back. This is the tool Gina recommends MOST for people with a sincere interest in sitting for longer periods. It's also great for long days of yoga teacher training!

The innovative and easy-to-use Lotus Wrap yoga support accessory holds you close, and allows you to surrender, relax, and go deeper. Unlike belts and bands, the Lotus Wrap supports correct body alignment while its expansive natural fiber cloth design envelopes and supports the troublesome lower back area; enabling you to maintain proper posture with comfort and ease. For practitioners of all ages and skill levels; from novice to advanced. 

Handmade with love in Canada. Care instructions and more info.